Would Stqe:ye survive in the Wild?

Aug 7, 2019

Some wolf studies indicate that 30-50% of wolf pups can die within the first 5 months of their life. These deaths would occur by September.

The main reason is starvation but other causes can be death from other predators, death by misadventure and disease. The food requirements for wolf pups to quickly grow and develop into adult size wolves is phenomenal. While they are 1 lb. at birth, between the 5th week and 20th week, they grow at 3 lbs. per week.

Stqe:ye is a timid young wolf pup who disappears whenever a human appears. To try to feed her is a challenge. Most of the food she receives is distributed to her by her mother, Mahikan. This is an important role played by a wolf mother. Stqe:ye must compete with her brother, Denali who is more successful at getting food. But despite this competition, Stqe:ye is growing nicely.

Food competition amongst wolf pups is huge. When the adults distribute or regurgitate food for the pups, it becomes a feeding frenzy. A small pup like Stqe:ye would easily be shoved out of the way. To survive in the wild, she would need to be very quick and grab food, run & consume it quickly.

Stqe:ye will survive here but it is a challenge to get her all the food she would like. She is quick and smart but she needs to feel more confident when food is distributed and not flee.

To watch Stqe:ye and her weariness, watch the Vimeo video, Pups romping in the grass, www.vimeo.com/user68339709