School Program and Community Presentations

Interested in taking Tundra for a walk? We have restarted our Wolf Walk in Forest program.

The next small group presentation will occur on Thursday, October 17, 2019.
Click here to register. (this program is different than the Wolf Walks.)

Tundra Speaks program will provide three different presentations to meet the unique needs of schools, community groups, and small individual groups. Each presentation will focus on the ecological role wolves provide as ‘Keepers of the Balance.’

Audiences will also learn how the First Nation peoples revered and co-existed harmoniously with this animal.Participants will learn to embrace the Indigenous laws of many First Nation groups and how these laws made First Nation peoples excellent stewards and guardians of the environment.

School groups will be invited to participate in a field trip that will include videos of wolves exercising their keystone species role, plus videos of the three wolves. In addition there will be many First Nation wolf legends and stories told by the elder and others. An interpretative walk will include Tundra and the First Nation elder.

The field trips will be available for schools in the Nanaimo-Ladysmith School District and other schools from the mid-Island region.

For schools outside this area, this program can be shared with schools anywhere using video conferencing software.

Community groups can select either the field trip program or a visit from us to your meeting.

For small, individual groups of six members, an evening or weekend program is available to meet the wolves and First Nation elder in a highly, interactive meeting.

For further details on price, time availability, etc., please email the Society:

Wolf Education - Wolf pups

What an incredible treat it was for the kids to be introduced to Gary Allan’s thirteen month old wolf, Tundra! Students were mesmerized as they were graced with Tundra’s presence.

Wayne Peterson

Principal, Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw School

The morning with Tundra was very educational and inspiring. Everyone in my class wants a wolf. I realize this is impossible but at least we learned a little more about the wolf and how the wolf is really misunderstood.

Irene Oickle

Teacher, Avalon Adventist Junior Academy