About Us

The Tundra Speaks Society is an incorporated non-profit society (BC) formed to inform the public on the very important role the wolf plays as the Keeper of the Balance, in maintaining healthy, intact ecosystems.

In addition, the Society promotes how Indigenous peoples through their laws became great stewards and guardians of the environment.

Directors of the Society will conduct presentations to schools, community groups and small groups, based on our principles:

  • In the spirit of Reconciliation, the Society strives to increase the awareness to the public of the value of Indigenous laws in sustaining and protecting our ecosystems;
  • To document, record, archive and make available to the public a collection of materials relating the wolf to a variety of cultures and histories;
  • To promote the appreciation of wolves in our environment.


Here are the presenters for these events:

Gary R. Allan – has been conducting wolf education since 2006 to schools, community groups and many First Nations schools and organizations. The Wolfman owns and operates the SWELL Wolf Education Centre.

Tundra – A very high content wolfdog (90% wolf), Tundra has engaged audiences since 2007. She has interacted with more than 40,000 students, teachers, and adults from the 300+ schools we have attended. In addition Tundra has educated many more people in community meetings. All are in awe of how beautiful and important wolves are.

Tundra - side profile image - wolf education