Wolf Pups Appear

May 23, 2019

On May 23, 2019 while feeding Mahikan in the late afternoon, I looked down into the den and behold there were 2 little pups there. I had given Mahikan tummy rubs a few days prior & it appeared from her teats that she had 2 pups. Now it was confirmed!

We were relieved it was only 2 pups. They were so petite. Mahikan was a very attentive mother, licking them regularly & laying down for them to nurse. Mahikan was comfortable with me being 4 feet away while she nursed them.

Sally & I are very cognizant that we do not interfere with Mahikan as she raises these 2 special characters. We have named them Stqe:ye (girl), after the Coast Salish name for wolf. The male is named Denali after the national park in Alaska where Dr. Gordon Haber worked as a wolf biologist for 43 years. Haber is one of my favorite wolf biologists.

To follow the development of the pups, follow it through videos on Gary R. Allan’s Vimeo account, https://vimeo.com/user68339709