Tundra feeds pups again

Aug 4, 2014

August 4, 2014 – This evening Tundra came outside & the pups greeted her. She was snarly to them but they always forgive. She came back inside & ate her food from yesterday. She then went back outside & the pups greeted her very friendly while she snarled at them.

She then whined to them & Nahanni & Mahikan came up to her licking her face. They went away for a few seconds & then they turned around & in a frenzied fashion started really licking Tundra’s face. She promptly regurgitated her dinner & the pups voraciously ate it. They were very quick but friendly to each other. It is very complex behavior to know when she is going to feed them, given that she was just snarling at them.

I gave Tundra some of the pup’s chicken, since she had donated hers.