Pup Personalities Starting to Develop

Jun 15, 2019

At 5-6 weeks old, Denali & Stqe:ye are starting to develop distinct personalities. Stqe:ye was the first pup to emerge from the den and would try to dominate Denali.

Denali appeared two days later and seemed more timid. But all that has changed in the past two weeks. Denali is more social and initiates contact with me every evening when I sit out there in the tall grass. He likes to chew on my fingers, pant leg, shoes, etc. He likes little tummy rubs.
Stqe:ye is very timid and runs behind the big log pile or into the den if I approach.

In the past few days (June 13-15) early in the morning around 5:30AM, the two pups follow Mahikan up to the small enclosure beside the house. Tundra loves to see them and Mahikan allows Tundra to interact with her pups thru the fence. Tundra loves this interaction.

Both pups have been eating solid food for a couple weeks and are still nursing from Mahikan but with reduced frequency.

To follow the development of the pups, follow it through videos on Gary R. Allan’s Vimeo account, https://vimeo.com/user68339709