Nice improvements in their behavior

Sep 2, 2014

Sept. 2, 2014 – With the weather changing & getting more rain, their play patterns have changed. Nahanni & Mahikan still greet me with great delight at 5AM because I have their favorite treats. As we sit under the deck because of the rain, they stay closer to me for much longer. The two older wimpy wolfdogs stay in the house when it rains, which Nahanni & Mahikan don’t understand. They want them to come out & play. I am forcing them out side more.

The pups are also coming around me much more often. Mahikan is always following me or laying down to get her tummy rubbed. This prompts Nahanni to seek me out more. He is getting very affectionate towards me & it has taken some time due to his wariness.

I can get Mahikan to howl by whining at her. She starts to whine/howl & Nahanni then joins in. Not to be outdone by the pups, Tundra then joins in. It sounds so neat to have 3 wolves howling. The neighbors quite like it & if they didn’t – TOO BAD.