Nahanni & Mahikan on Youtube

Jul 3, 2014

July 3, 2014 – Well these little critters are growing bigger everyday. Nahanni is 11 weeks old & is 31lbs. while Mahikan is the same age & is 22lbs. Both have tripled their weight in the 6 weeks that they have been with us. They are both gained about 3-4lbs. per week which is slightly above what the weekly weight gain would be for a wold wolf pup. That is approx. 3lbs. per week for male & female. Our 2 pups are receiving a more constant food supply than their wild cousin pups, so that explains the higher weight gain. By Sept. 30-50% of wolf pups can die & much of that is lack of food.

Last nite at 11PM, Tundra started to howl for them at the gate. The 2 pups heartedly joined in & I had to rush down to get them to stop the symphony so we do not get neighbor complaints. They also howled just after 5AM because there was a dog constantly barking. One of our neighbors saw me today & she heard both sessions & stated it was wonderful to hear. Maybe this time but not on a nightly basis. It is cool though that the pups want to howl.

I have put together a short video of the pups from when they first came home & met Tundra & Meshach, to just last week. It can be viewed at

Went to take them in the car to go for a walk with Tundra & Meshach on a logging road but both of them wanted nothing to do with the car. Need to work on that.