Nahanni & Mahikan getting more confident

Aug 28, 2014

August 28, 2014 – The pups are four & half months old now & during the past 2 weeks, I have observed a real marked improvement in their maturity. Both pups will now come up to me on their own even when I am out on the grass which is their territory. They are seeking out my involvement with them. Nahanni in particular will come over just to get his chest & tummy rubbed.

Mahikan loves to wash my face & will also come up to me quite willingly. People may wonder why it is taking them so long but it is a matter of you earning every bit of trust from them. None is given freely.

I let them be as wolf as possible, with them bonding with each other as the main social unit & not with me as the main unit. As a pair, it is exciting to watch them play with each other & to rely on each other for friendship, comfort & security. They are now extending it to me.

With the many visitors we are receiving, the pups are also getting very comfortable with strangers around them. While they will not go up to them in the backyard, they will lick them thru the fence. They will lie down in the front run rather than going to the back run, even when a hyperactive, noisy young girl visited.

In the evening the 2 pups & 2 older wolfdogs share the backyard & the deck, while engaging me in their affection.