Nahanni & Mahikan

May 30, 2014

May 30, 2014 – A most amazing event happened tonite. The pups played in the run for most of the day & Meshach was with them for quite a portion of it. Tundra was in the yard but the sectioned off area. Tonite, she went to the fence a couple of times to engage with the pups. Nahanni & Mahikan get really excited to see her with tails wagging (wolves don’t wag tails very much) and trying to lick her thru the fencing.

Tundra came to the gate as I was going into the run to get them to put in trailer for bed. Tundra ran into the run to greet the 2 pups, with them jumping up on her, trying to lick her face. Tundra then regurgitated her meal of chicken that she had eaten 30 minutes prior. Nahanni & Mahikan then quickly devoured the meal which was their second this evening. This is exactly what a mother wolf does in the wild to feed her pups or another wolf feeding them as well. It was amazing to watch this animal do exactly for Nahanni & Mahikan as a wild wolf would do. Truly fascinating & Tundra is an amazing animal. Wish she had had her own litter but in the wild.

Well let us see what tomorrow brings.

Tundra in snow