Wolf Bonds getting Stronger

Jul 26, 2019

When wolf pups come out of the den around 15 days old, they meet the other adoring members of the pack (family group). As a family group, the pups learn to develop these strong bonds and the adult members teach the pups how to become wolves.

With Mahikan, her pups are developing strong bonds with her. Denali and Steq:ye are experiencing a very loving, caring mother and in return they are very strongly attached to their mother.

Steq:ye loves to be with Mahikan, licks her face to show her love, and while Denali does not express his love so demonstrably, he enjoys the attention and affection she gives him. Denali in return loves to play with his mother.

These relationships Denali and Stqe:ye are developing with their mother will only grow stronger as the pups grow and develop.

While Sally and I have developed a very close loving relationship with Mahikan over the 5 years she has lived with us, the pups want to keep their distance from us. Steq:ye disappears into the tall grass whenever we appear on the scene. We are both very aware that wolves do not want to have contact with humans, so we will wait patiently until Denali and Steq:ye trust us.

The strong family bonds that wolves develop have been observed by First Nation peoples for many years and they have developed these same strong bonds within their families and communities.

To watch these strong bonds develop with Mahikan and her pups, go to www.vimeo.com/user68339709 and watch the Family fun time video.