Why Wolves do not Like Human Contact

Nov 1, 2019

Both Stqe:ye and Denali are almost 6 months old (Nov. 5) and they avoid me when I enter the enclosure. They run to a safe spot and play hide and seek with me.

These two pups of Mahikan’s were born in the enclosure and have seen me daily for the past 5 months. They see me interact with their mother such as petting her, giving her back rubs and tummy rubs. But this still does not convince them to have contact with me.

Since they have been raised by their mother, they are immersed in a wolf world and they shun human contact. This is very natural wolf behavior. The challenge is to be incredibly patient and wait for them to want to come and have contact with me.

I love to sit in our Great Room and watch them from a safe distance. Also, I can go into the enclosure and just sit and watch them. By being still and quiet, they cautiously start to approach me. Recently I was petting Mahikan and laying down so as to be lower than them. Denali got within 5 feet of me and was not scared. He watched me closely then quietly walked away.

Stqe:ye will study me from a distance of 20 feet and still be wary of me. But I can see an interest in her wanting to come closer.

Even trying to feed them treats does not lure them closer to me. But Mahikan and Nahanni were like that as pups, so I am well versed in their cautious behavior.

From the pup’s view, I have been a consistent presence to them for 5 months. I bring their food and treats to them. I interact with their mother in a playful, affectionate way, and talk to them in a soft, slow voice. But none of these activities have convinced the two pups that I am safe to approach. I figure it may take 1 year for them to feel comfortable to interact with me.

So, think if this does not work in a controlled environment, you can appreciate why wolves in the wild avoid human contact.