Tundra & Dr. Jane Goodall

May 17, 2017

On Saturday, April 15, 2017 , Tundra & I traveled to Kelowna, BC to hear Dr. Goodall speak. Tundra & I did a wolf presentation that afternoon before her evening speech.

The night before one of Dr. Goodall’s Canadian Institute staff contacted me & stated that Jane Goodall wanted to see Tundra. Dr. Goodall knew about Tundra & I when I had sent her a letter explaining about Tundra’s School Program after I had seen her commenting in a wolf documentary that killing wolves was wrong.

Dr. Goodall sent me back about 6 months later a personal handwritten note stating Tundra’s School Program was a splendid educational program. She was impressed with all the schools we had visited & asked whether I would collaborate with her program called Roots & Shoots. I said we would so at every school & community presentation we do, I mention to contact Roots & Shoots.

Before her talk, Tundra & I spent 30 minutes privately with Jane Goodall. Dr. Goodall is 83 but she is very active for her age as she spent much of the time on the floor petting & playing with Tundra. She was most impressed with Tundra & even though she was supposed to visit some VIP guests, she spent extra minutes with Tundra & she said the others could wait. Dr. Goodall was well informed on the wolf culls that BC & Alberta are conducting & she said they were misguided.

We left Dr. Goodall to see her other guests & during her talk she mentioned Tundra twice & had me howl with her during her speech. What an honor.

At the end of April, Dr. Goodall sent me a private email from her personal email account, thanking us for spending time with her. She said her time with Tundra was magical & looking into Tundra’s eyes gave her such strength.

What a wonderful honor to meet such a great humanitarian & an animal advocate who loves wolves.