Trip to the Vet

Jun 8, 2014

June 7, 2014 – This was the first appt. at the vet, so it was a trip in the car. The first one since been driven home. Nahanni was not impressed & ran around inside the car leaving a trail of you know what. Mahikan she was cowering in the back but eventually after 5-10 minutes they settled down. They slept most of the way up to see the vet.

The vet was great with them & was excited to see them as were the other staff. Michael looks after Tundra & Meshach’s needs, so he is very familiar with high content wolfdogs. He played with them as he was examining them & then gave them their vaccinations. He was very impressed with them & said they were very healthy.

The 2 pups slept most of the way back & were much more comfortable travelling home. Once home, I put them in the kennel & fed them. They ate a very good dinner, so the shots did not seem to bother them. The vet was very pleased to be seeing them so young & eagerly waits to see them again, to witness their development.

We will keep them at home for the next month, until the next appt.