Pups getting good at Walking

Jun 23, 2014

June 23, 2014 – Nahanni & Mahikan are getting good at going for walks. Our first walk is 5AM together & we go up the trail which they are getting used to. They like to stop, sniff, explore & chew branches. I have to learn to let them have their fun on the walks.

Then in the afternoon, I take each one separately on a walk with Meshach. He is the best puppy walker. Mahikan howls when Nahanni goes with Meshach, leaving her at home. She wants to be with her buddy.

Last night, the pups slept outside in the covered kennel. It was dry & warm. I put them in there about 8PM & Tundra was outside. She eventually wandered over to the kennel & started howling at them. The 2 pups howled in response & you could definitely hear it throughout the neighborhood. It lasted for about 5 minutes & then all was quite. They had a good night sleep but were mischievous early in the morning as they tore open the crib mattress they have been sleeping on.

Nahanni & Mahikan had a full day today playing & walking. Hopefully weather gets warmer & drier, then they can sleep outside next to the older dogs.