Pups first hunting trip

Aug 3, 2014

August 3, 2014- Woke up this morning at 5AM & went out to greet the pups. They are usually waiting for me at the door. They get active around 4AM, so they are up before me. They know they are getting treats & they know exactly which pocket they are in. After their frenzied feeding of the treats, they crawl all over me with Mahikan showering me with wolf kisses, Nahanni less so but he loves his minutes of petting.

I looked out near their feeding platform & could see something in the dark. Mahikan was investigating it. I got closer for a better view & it was a 6 inch (minus the tail) rat and it was not moving. They or one of them had killed it in the night. Mahikan is so quick, the rat would not have had a chance. If it was Nahanni who got it first, he would have pounced on it with his large body or perhaps both of them participated in this act of predation. Mahikan then moved it further along the yard before I unceremoniously flung it down the bank with the shovel.

Message to rats & other prey, take a very wide berth from our territory! I was very proud of the pups & gave them a bone each, which I was scheduled to do anyway. Well we will see if they have any surprises for me tomorrow morning.