On cougar watch

Aug 14, 2014

August 14, 2014 – Was informed by a neighbor yesterday that a young male cougar has been spotted twice in the neighborhood. I decided to sleep outside with Meshach to ensure the pups were safe. They were surprised & I think dismayed to see that I was using some of their territory at night. They were active again past midnight then they seemed to have disappeared around the side of the house. I think Mahikan sleeps in the front run but I did not want to go investigate & disturb their tranquillity.

I think though they sleep under the deck which would offer them some protection. I had left their food out on their little food platform & both Nahanni & Mahikan ate occasionally from it. They would eat & then play or go exploring. Nahanni ate more consistently early this morning (4AM) & they ate their dry food around 4:30AM.

They must be eating well as Nahanni is 50lb. & just 4 months old. His paws are now larger than Tundra’s & she is full grown. Mahikan is 37 lb. & 4 months as well. She is going to get bigger than Tundra too. Her coat is black with a lot of silver in it & it looks very beautiful. Her eyes are changing to yellow which will be a beautiful contrast.