Now in with the Big Guy

Jun 8, 2014

June 8, 2014 – I finished fencing in the access to get under the deck, so I got rid of the gate and waited for the 2 pups to explore their greater world. Nahanni was the first to venture out & then Mahikan. They cautiously checked out the new yard by walking the fence, sniffing out the deck & wandering under the deck where they are allowed. They did this careful examination of the yard where the older wolfdogs live in.

Then when I brought the bigs guys back from their walk, I left them in the yard & then Nahanni & Mahikan wanted to greet Tundra. They love having contact with her rather than with Meshach. Tundra ran around trying to escape them but that was not a successful strategy. Nahanni, particularly relishes the contact with Tundra. Eventually the pups got tired & they laid down as did the big dogs. It was very cute to see all 4 wolfdogs getting along. They fell asleep & were only 3-4 feet away fro each other. There was peace in the pack.

When the pups woke up they explored particularly Nahanni. It was very reassuring to see the pack start to form & for the pups to learn some etiquette.