Nahanni & Mahikan

May 23, 2014

May 22, 2014: Added 2 new wolfdog pups to the family group (pack) today. Both are 5 weeks old. Went & got them on May 21st from one of the best breeders of wolfdogs in the world. Nahanni is a male Arctic with very high content wolf. When full grown, he will be white, very large & will look like an Arctic wolf. Nahanni is named after the wild river in NWT.

Mahikan is a female, black-phase Grey wolf & again very high content wolf. Mahikan means wolf in Cree and is pronounced (Ma-hee-gan). She is a third smaller than Nahanni but is more assured of herself than him. They are both very close to each other. They come from the same breeder but are not brother/sister. I think they are going to bond very close to each other as wolf couples do in the wild.

They both met Tundra & Meshach & Tundra is very interested in them but she tried to nip one, so have separated them because they are so small compared to her or Meshach. Tundra wants to be near them & paced back & forth last night looking for them & myself. I was sleeping with them in the trailer so they will be separated for awhile until they grow more. I will introduce them into the family group on a slow, methodical basis.

I will write a daily blog detailing their progress in print as well as pictures & maybe some short video clips.