Nahanni & Mahikan

Jun 1, 2014

June 1, 2014 – The 2 pups spent 14 hours outside today romping around the run & sleeping. Started giving them small parts of the raw chicken neck & back. They can eat the cartilage & small bones. When they are in the run they are not concerned about us as they go about their business but if Tundra comes to the fence, they focus on her totally.

Nahanni & Mahikan had visitors today as one of our neighbors heard about them & came to see. Of course, they thought they were both beautiful & delightful. The word is getting out to the town about these 2 lovely pups & I have kept it quiet purposefully. I expect more visitors in the next few days & weeks.

Nahanni’s coat is getting lighter as it is a very light brown until it turns white. We will keep monitoring that change. As they approach 8 weeks of age, their eye color will start to slowly change.

We feed both pups around 5-6PM & they ate quite well. I also fed the other two wolfdogs, Tundra & Meshach. Well Tundra about 1 hour from eating went & visited the pups by the fence & regurgitated her meal for them. As the fence separated the pups from the food, they tried to get it thru the fence. Mahikan, the smallest got quite aggressive with Nahanni snarling and biting at him. Nahanni kept away from her teeth & snarled back. We collected up the meal put it in their bowls & they ate some more peacefully. We witnessed the feeding frenzy in a real wolf pack by the hungry pups. You can see why the smallest & weakest do not survive. Mahikan maybe small but she is feisty & takes care of herself, even though she is only 7 weeks old.

Well both pups are sleeping but before they went to bed, we fitted them with their step-in harnesses. Next adventure will to take them for a walk in the yard on leash. Until tomorrow.