Nahanni & Mahikan

May 28, 2014

May 28, 2014 – Well these 2 pups found a new toy today – Meshach’s tail. It is large, got lots of fur, can get a real bite on it & you can tug on it as hard as you can & it does not move, so tug harder! Well Meshach tolerates that for about 10 seconds & then he barks & growls at them & they let go. Nahanni is now playing with Meshach in a teasing way. He jumps around him hopping for paw to paw, wanting Meshach to play with him. It is quite cute to watch this small pup try to engage with this animal that is 10X bigger then him. Mahikan knows she is too small so she lets the boys goof around.

Nahanni’s personality is really starting to develop & even when I got him a week ago, you could tell he will be a leader. In the wild, he would grow up in the pack & end up being the breeding male. He watches everything such as the crows fly by, or they are sitting up in the tree, he watches the rooster but keeps away from sticking his nose thru the chain link because the rooster would peck him. He is so sharp.

Mahikan started to bury her ball today. She started digging yesterday but today she dug a hole then put the ball in it & with her nose started pushing the gravel over the ball. This is instinctive wolf behavior because wolves will bury some of their food, so this little 6 week old pup is doing what her older wild cousins do.

Well they played outside today for many hours & slept at times but they are sure enjoying the exercise.