Nahanni & Mahikan

May 27, 2014

May 27, 2014 – Today brought more new developments. The weather has been good so the two pups are outside a major portion of the day. The track meet started at 4:30 this morning, so I got them outside as soon as it got light.

Nahanni decided to travel from the front run area & go under the deck where it took me 30 minutes to coax him out. I am slowly building Alcatraz to keep him in the front run area. In this area, they have started to dig to build day beds for them to sleep in. Both pups still continue to interact with Meshach. Tundra is out of sorts so she spent little time with the pups. It is cute watching Mahikan swat her front paws at Meshach who is 100 lbs. heavier, to keep him at bay. Nahanni also is trying to tell Meshach what to do with his paws. Meshach is so good with them, he has turned out to be a superb puppy sitter. Before we got the pups, I thought that given he is almost 11 years old he would want very little to do with the pups. Boy has he gently surprised us in a positive way.

This afternoon, the pups played for a long time in the run & when they were tired they slept next to Meshach. In fact, Nahanni’s nose was almost on Meshach’s paw. Mahikan was right beside both of the males.

In the wild world when the adults come back from a hunt & feed the pups, the adults that were on the hunt go & lay down some distance from the pups & the pups are shown by firm growls that they are not to disturb these wolves. I see Meshach & Tundra displaying the same behavior to Nahanni & Mahikan in certain occasions.

Both pups are flaked out in the trailer as I write this in the evening.