Nahanni & Mahikan

May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014 – These pups are continuing to make great progress. At 4:30 this morning they decided to conduct a track meet in the trailer. After about 30 minutes of this high intensity, I got up and put them outside in the run & watched them explore. Tundra came out from the house to greet them & then Meshach a few minutes later. They are always excited to see both but they greet Tundra with more whining. Meshach though he watches over them all the time while Tundra will retire to another deck to get a rest from them. Meshach was annoyed with them when they constantly pestered him. By the mid morning when I brought them out again, the 2 pups had learned to give the older dogs some space. Mahikan loved playing with the ball and Nahanni loved walking around. It was sunny & warm during the day, so we spent most of the day outside. I just sat there and watched them while Tundra & Meshach interacted with them. Mahikan has gained half a pound since Thursday when I brought her home while Nahanni has gained 2 lbs. in those 4 days. He is going to be huge. Mahikan has the better appetite and would eat his food as well. Hopefully the weather remains pleasant so we can spend as much time outside with them as they thoroughly enjoy it.