Nahanni & Mahikan

May 23, 2014

May 23, 2014 – So much has changed with these 2 wolfdogs since I first brought them home yesterday. Nahanni who is very quiet & discerning, he reminds me of the wise old owl. He is looking & feeling more comfortable. Mahikan is more outgoing & engages with you quicker. I know that wolves are very much more comfortable with females than males. When Sally (my wife) comes home, she picks Nahanni up and he cuddles in her arms as does Mahikan. Wolves are very sensitive and they get the reassuring maternal feelings from females.

It is Tundra that they are the most comfortable with. Yesterday, Tundra was happy to see them but I thought she was too overbearing with them, so I kept her away & have them in the trailer with me at night. Last night, Tundra who sleeps in the house kept Sally up most of the night because Tundra was searching for the pups. She would go outside then come back into the house looking for the pups & me. Then she would go back out & if you don’t let her out she will open the door herself & leave it open. This morning I took Nahanni & Mahikan for a walk around the yard. They followed me pretty good & then I picked them up & placed them in a kennel on the deck where Tundra & Meshach roam. They were in the house so I let them out as they wanted to see the pups. They found them in the kennel & then an amazing thing happened. Both Nahanni & Mahikan were whining for Tundra who was whining back as well as Meshach. Both pups were licking Tundra thru the chain link mesh, pawing Tundra on the face. The licking on the face is a signal to feed me but this licking was joy filled. This behavior went on for 5-10 minutes & then I put Meshach back in the house as the pups knew Tundra was the wolf & I wanted to open up the kennel & see what they would do with Tundra. Tundra was very gentle with them & the bonding has really begun.

I put them back in the trailer & they went to sleep. I took them for another walk this afternoon with Tundra who was on a leash. We walked around the yard with the 2 pups in tow. They saw the rooster & they did not chase it but the rooster made a hasty retreat. I then put Mahikan back in trailer first & went to get Nahanni. Mahikan was howling (not whining) for Nahannni & Tundra. I reunited the 2 pups & Tundra said goodbye & they fell to sleep.

Quite a full day for them but the transition is going much better & quicker than I thought but I want it to progress quite slowly. Well we will see what tomorrow brings.