Nahanni & Mahikan

Jul 17, 2014

July 17, 2014 – These 2 pups are continuing to grow both physically as well as maturing. Nahanni in the past week has begun to engage more with us & feel comfortable in being approached. I have been able to rub his chest & his tummy quite frequently & he will just lie or sit there. It has taken almost 2 months for him to be less wary of us. He is really beginning to feel comfortable around us. This is because he is an Arctic wolf & they are extremely wary of humans.

Mahikan is getting very affectionate. Both of the pups run to the fence to greet new visitors with Mahikan leading the charge followed by Nahanni. I feed them raisins at the fence. Mahikan loves to wash my face & she will do it 3-4 times a day. She must think I am pretty unclean. On the walks they are having fun & like to chew sticks. In the early morning I take Meshach with them & he is off leash. He is a great puppy walker as they like to catch up to him. If they are lagging behind, I call Meshach for him to come & motivate them to come. Euro weiners are the best motivator.

They continue to play most of the night with me watching them at 2AM, playing in the backyard. Nocturnal wolves.