Nahanni & Mahikan

Jun 17, 2014

June 17, 2014 – Nahanni is over 22 lb. gaining 2lb. in past 5 days. Mahikan is 15 lb. having gained half a lb. in past 5 days but she is getting tall not bulky.

Went for a walk tonite around the yard a couple times with the big wolfdogs. I knew Nahanni wanted to walk with them because when we go without him & Mahikan, he runs to the other side to see us disappear. Mahikan is not as motivated about walking on leash. Tonite she found a cabbage core in the garden & sat down to play with it. More work to do with her but I think Nahanni is very close to walk with me & big guys.

A friend came over this afternoon to give us some salmon. We went to the fence & when Meshach came charging over to us, the 2 pups were right behind. Mahikan came right to me & licked my fingers thru the fencing. Nahanni came as well but he was more interested in getting Meshach to play with him.

They should do quite well tomorrow morning when the school class comes to visit.