Nahanni & Mahikan

Jun 12, 2014

June 12, 2014 – Well the day starts at 4:30AM when I go out to the trailer & play with them for 20 mins. Mahikan comes running to me & then Nahanni comes. Mahikan always crawls between my legs to get her belly rubbed as she chews on my fingers, pant legs or sandals. Nahanni does not climb but walks around me & gets petted. He likes to explore the trailer but that is where he is most engaging with me.

At 5AM, I bring them out into the yard & they immediately go to play with the older dogs, who don’t appreciate being woken up so early. The 2 pups harass them for 15 mins. & then they go off to play & run around but always come back to play with the big guys. Once they are in the yard with the other 2 & running around, I do not exist anymore. They will come to me occasionally for a quick pet, if I have food but otherwise they run & hide from me. They will be affection with me only when the older 2 dogs are around me & they are playing with the pups. Sally is developing a close bond with Nahanni & given his gentle nature as an Arctic wolfdog, he really bonds with the females. This includes Tundra whom he adores. He wants to play with her & get her affection & attention. Tundra played with Nahanni for a long time this evening & he was thrilled, running around & laying down exposing his belly for Tundra to lick. Mahikan does not seem to need Tundra’s or Meshach’s attention as much. She is my sweet little girl.

Both pups had a very good walk tonite on the leashes out in the backyard where they like to go. Nahanni wants to go down the steep bank but we persuade him otherwise. Mahikan walks for awhile but likes to chew the grass & sniff the flowers.

Nahanni is getting a very light coat with the light brown turning into a cream colored coat. This is at 8 weeks of age & he has more than doubled his weight in the 3 weeks he has been at home. Mahikan’s eyes have changed from black to a greenish color & this is right on schedule as wolf pup eyes changed anywhere from 8-16 weeks. Mahikan has also doubled her weight in the 3 weeks she has been here.