Nahanni has real family feeling

Jul 5, 2014

July 5, 2014 – A constant observation of Nahanni since he arrived 6 weeks ago is that he has a strong sense of family. He was protective of Mahikan in the first couple of weeks when Tundra was trying to dominate her & he would come to her rescue. On walks Nahanni wanted to make sure that Mahikan was coming as she was the smallest wolfdog & may have gotten tired quicker.

Nahanni & Mahikan sleep together, curled up with one another. When I put Mahikan into the kennel at night, he will follow her into the kennel. They both love the older wolfdogs & Nahanni wants to be real friends with them. He seeks them out to lick & he will sleep very close to Meshach.

Today, Nahanni displayed even more concern for his family group & a member of that group. When out on a walk with all 4, Sally & I were coming home. She had the 2 pups & I had the older dogs. Both Nahanni & Mahikan were tired & would stop & lay down & rest. This one time, Mahikan was laying down so I went to help Sally by picking her up. I told Tundra & Meshach to wait & I dropped their leashes. They are good at waiting but Tundra picked up a scent & started down the road. I called her & she stopped but did not come back to me. I went down the road following her to get a chance to grab her leash. Sally said Nahanni was very concerned where Tundra was going which was close to the main road, he charged after her with Sally holding him back with the leash. I got Tundra & walked back with her & Meshach to where Sally was with the pups. Both Nahanni & Mahikan were sitting at attention & very happy to see Tundra with me.

Nahanni is displaying some real mature behavior for a 11 week old pup & particularly around his concern for his family members.