Many more visitors

Aug 17, 2014

August 17, 2014 – Tundra & Meshach & the two little pups have received many visitors in the past 2 weeks. Last Monday a group of professional wildlife photographers took pictures of all four & they were most impressed. All these visitors have been word of mouth as I am not advertising to attract visitors. I do not want to. I want to keep the frequency & number of visitors down.

On Saturday we had 3 groups of people show up at different times. One couple showed up because his falling (tree) partner has spoken so well of Tundra & the 2 pups. Bill was very intrigued with all four animals & will likely be back to talk wolves another evening.

When the visitors come I cut up 4 treats to feed them at the fence. Tundra & Meshach come quickly up to the fence, along with Mahikan. She is usually sandwiched in between the bigger “wolves” but she makes sure she gets her treat. Nahanni, being Arctic is more reserved & hangs back but he comes to me to receive his treat. He will not take it from a stranger (his mother taught him well) but Mahikan is quite willing to accept it from them.

We will likely receive more visitors this week & it is good socialization for the 2 pups.