Mahikan’s Big Day

Jun 20, 2014

June 20, 2014 – I was able to get her step-in harness on her (no easy feat) & took her for a walk with Meshach. It looked so funny with this little 15 lb. wolfdog, walking with this 110 lb. wolfdog. Mahikan kept pretty focused on walking but wanted to sniff as few times. It was cute when she would walk right beside Meshach & look up at him, telling him I am your walking buddy.

Nahanni was jealous when we left him home with Tundra. He still is not wanting to come & be put in the harness. Maybe a few times when he sees Mahikan go, he will get motivated.

Mahikan also chased the crow by jumping up on the fence trying to get at the crow which was eyeing her piece of chicken.

She had a good day, walking & playing.