Oct 11, 2014

Oct. 11, 2014 – She will be six months old on Thanksgiving & what a treat she has been. This 7.6lb pup joined our pack on May 22nd & she quickly established herself as the “little wolverine”. She was kind & gentle in her interactions with us but even though she was the smallest of the 2 pups & obviously the 2 older wolfdogs, she held her own. She would growl if her food was being stolen or morsels she had buried. I lover her spirit & tenacity. It still remains that today, where she now weighs close to 60lb.

Her all black coat, except for a white patch on her chest & around the end of June, I noticed little white hairs forming on her face. Then Mahikan started to develop grey fur around her neck & that quickly spread to her tummy & back honches. It looks very striking with the black fur & little white hairs on face & legs & paws. On June 12th, I note in my journal that her eyes are starting to change to green. By end of June the eyes started changing to brown & they got a brown chocolate color by the end of July & have remained that color. Her teeth went from sharp puppy teeth, which they do not seem to lose & around July 8th, I noticed their teeth starting to grow. By four months, their teeth were showing signs of being almost adult size with incisors needing to grow in length but getting quite stout.

Mahikan is very friendly with me. As a pup in the trailer, she loved to crawl between my legs & play. She would wash my face & lick me inside my ear. Now she will wash my face constantly & for up to 60 seconds. Must feel that my face is very dirty. Now she loves getting a back rub & a tummy rub but she only wants it for a short period of time & she is on the move.

Wolves all have different personalities & she is quite different from Nahanni but they are the best of friends & are very bonded together. I wonder what the next 6 months of development will bring when she is a year old. What size will she be? Will she be even more friendly or will she still have that inherent wolf wariness? Only time will tell.