Goofy Nahanni & Mahikan

Jul 9, 2014

July 9, 2014 – Both of these pups can be goofy at times. Mahikan loves to have a paw bath by standing in their drinking bowl & getting 2 if not 4 paws washed. I have to clean the water bowl & fill after one of her episodes.

The other morning I was wiping off the soles of my boots with the boot brush. When I finished, Mahikan walked over to the boot brush & promptly brushed her paws numerous times across it just like I had done. Nahanni wanted in on action so he cleaned his paws as well.

Tonite, I had given all 4 wolfdogs a treat of sliced ham luncheon meat. Mahikan came & grabbed her slice, Nahanni had his slice but most of it was hanging out of the left side of his mouth. Not for long. Mahikan in lightning fashion, stole the piece of meat. Nahanni was looking for it & looked at me for comfort. I went & got him another piece. Mahikan is small but she is quick as lightning.

Then there is the track meet they have by running at full speed chasing each other. No wonder they have 3 naps a day. The evening walk has been shortened because both pups on the way back just lie down. They are tired. Lots of fun just watching them.