First Walk

Jun 5, 2014

June 5, 2014 – I took Nahanni & Mahikan for their first walk this evening around the yard. I got them stepin harnesses & leashes & got them all fitted up. I thought if I took Tundra on the first walk with them that they like her & would follow her. Well all Tundra wanted to do was play with them. So she was fired promptly on the spot & her role as chief wolfdog assistant walker lasted all of 4 minutes.

Once we got going, Nahanni & Mahikan did very well for their first walk. They did not want to go out the gate into the outer yard but they came. I let them walk where they wanted to. The walk lasted about 10-15 minutes & then I walked them back into their run. I let them off the harness & they came & licked me. They did not associate me as the one gently pulling them on their leash. More practice tomorrow.

I spent 15 minutes in the kennel with them just after lunch & they liked licking me, crawling all over me & Mahikan loved to lick & chew my ear. Nahanni loves his chest being rubbed & he just stood there enjoying it.

Fed them so soon to bed for them.