First Van Ride

Jul 19, 2014

July 19, 2014 – We needed to introduce the van to Nahanni & Mahikan, so we can take them for walks on the logging roads & beaches. We knew they would not go willingly into the van even with luring them with treats. I put Tundra & Meshach into the van first & shut door. Sally had the 2 pups on the leash & I carried Mahikan into van & shut the door. We then focused on Nahanni & reassured him that everything would be ok. He allowed me to pick him up without violently protesting & both Sally & I were petting him & reassuring him that this would be fun. I put him in the van & climbed into the back with him, Mahikan & the older two. Sally also accompanied me & we calmed them down before Sally drove the van.

Both the pups were fine on the short 8 minute drive. They were looking out window & sticking their nose out the window for fresh air. We arrived at the parking spot & Sally got them out on leashes. I had the older two for about 50 yards then I let them run free. I took Nahanni & he pulled to keep up to the older two as did Mahikan with Sally. They walked very well, played in the puddle & climbed banks.

We turned around & walked back to the van. Both pups did not want to approach the van but they were easy to put in van. The ride back was good but the bumping around caused Mahikan to throw up but she was not nervous or scared. We got home & it was a very successful trip. We were so proud of them to accept this new challenge & it was much smoother than we thought it would be. This will be a regular occurrence to get them use to riding in the van so we can explore new walks with them.